Mr. Chitrak Shah is one such name in the Real Estate world that needs no introduction. Right from his initial days, his work spoke galore. Originally started by His father Mr Satish Nyalchand as S N Developers in 1996, Shivalik group primarily developed properties without the brand name ‘Shivalik’ until they witnessed ‘Shivalik Bungalows’ garner unparalleled success. This is when the brand name ‘Shivalik’ was established in a full-fledged manner. A man of fewer words and fierce determination,Mr. Chitrak Shah is Hugely grateful for the blessing of the company, his strategy from the very first day of joining was to keep the ethics and the unique selling points of the company intact as that’s what made them popular in the first place. He considered the principles of his seniors as the core of the company as that’s what metamorphosed them into a real estate giant.



Shivalik is known for the innovation it brings to create sky-high landmarks. Mr. Chitrak believes innovation is in his DNA. As a kid, he developed a drone-like object which could be flown around to click images. He also made a small car, a train and tried his hands at dismantling machinery and rearranging it with an entirely new systematization. All these inclinations to innovation since an early age clearly get imprinted into his architectural excellence and subsequently, execution of stellar buildings. He integrates his strategic prowess on a backward level to develop layouts and plans of a building’s foundation as well as development.


“I expect challenges and create opportunities from them”, says Mr. Chitrak when asked about how does he cope with challenges of the dynamic and oscillating Real Estate industry. He opined that this industry is raw and risks are a part of it. In the long run, he aspires to create a defined real estate ecosystem where affordable projects and premium projects are clearly bifurcated as per the contemporary needs of the end users.

Shivalik group has come a long way with the farsightedness of Mr. Chitrak Shah. We know his achievements, we know the current developments that are all set to transform Ahmedabad’s skyline. Not only this, the future sounds promising! Quoting him, “‘Eleven years from now, I plan to develop more than 6 Crore Sq. Ft.” he dreams. He also wishes to develop a 100% energy sustained building which can generate its entire energy through solar panels. He is confident enough to be instrumental in making real estate a process-driven, policy-driven and organized industry.